Playing sports is not only a fun way for students to stay active but can also be helpful for their academic growth!

The benefits of sports for students include improving their self-esteem, building interpersonal social skills, and more.

Due to commemorating National Sports Day, Dian Asih Montessori will hold an event on Wednesday, Sept 22nd, 2021.

This event is available for all students in Paket A and Paket B – PKBM Dian Asih Montessori.

There will be kinds of fun sports activities!

So, save the date, Kiddos… And see you… 🥰😍🤩
Dian Asih Montessori School
The first Montessori School in Semarang
Jl Kompol Maksum 201
Semarang 50242 – Jawa Tengah
🕰 07.00 – 15.00 WIB
☎️ 024 8311816 / 0851-6124-7776

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